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Mindy Tiberi, M.Ed.


Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, I was first introduced to art as a young child while watching my father create oil paintings on an easel in our dining room. He bought my siblings and me oil painting sets and by the time I was 8, my parents enrolled me in art school. We later moved to the north suburbs of Chicago and my high school art department became my second home. One of my art teachers introduced me to Transcendental Meditation (TM), which has had a lasting effect on my life and my artwork. As a student in the Foundations program at Kansas City Art Institute, I explored every medium available and while I loved the range of options, I realized that paint was the most intuitive way for me to express myself. I went on to receive my Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Fine Arts at MIU in Fairfield, Iowa. The lessons learned at MIU have stayed with me and deeply impacted my ability to see the underlying unity in the diversity that surrounds us. I learned profound lessons in interdisciplinary studies of creative intelligence, specifically unified field theory in physics, which I attempt to depict visually in my art.

Professionally, I owned and operated a graphic design and mural painting company for many years and worked as a visiting teaching artist at several area high schools and art centers. I have mural installations in many Chicago area schools, residences and commercial locations. As I developed various painting techniques, I was able to demonstrate them in the cable television series, “Exploring Art” and found my work appearing in the film, “High Fidelity.”

While serving as a gallery director and curator, I fell in love with creating art exhibits and welcoming the public to experience art for themselves. In 2015, I received my Master of Education degree from American InterContinental University to support my passion for art education as a means to inspire the creative potential in others. I went on to put my love of public service to use as Director of Education at a Chicago suburban art center, where I built curriculum and created a welcoming learning environment for students of all ages. 

As a passionate artist, art advocate, administrator, consultant, director and educator, I am committed to making art available to everyone. I love sparking excitement in others through access to art experiences, inspiring creative expression, imagination, inclusion and a sense of connection. I’m skilled at building relationships with art buyers and artists, providing support through collaboration to help others expand their vision to share with diverse audiences. 



Artist Statement

In my experience as a long-time practitioner of Transcendental Meditation(TM), I witness deep inner peace on a daily basis, as my mind and physiology settle down to subtler and deeper levels of consciousness. This inner journey allows for direct experience of pure awareness. Although this state is free of specific attributes, in this state is contained the source of all possibilities. When emerging from meditation back into activity, a spark of that unbounded transcendental state accompanies me, as I experience a renewal of awareness.

Creating art is my way to visually capture the experience of transcendence and give the viewer a glimpse of what it feels like to go beyond the waking state of consciousness. My paintings and mixed media pieces are a celebration of the transcendental state of awareness and provide a portal to connect with the silence within, as well as the dynamism of action. My work explores themes of nature, sacred geometry, mandalas, tantric art, portraiture and imagery that brings the viewer beyond the surface.

In my recent work, I distress the painted surfaces as a way to acknowledge the journey or story being told. I often include clouds as a symbol to convey the changing flux of relative life, while using a balanced composition and portal to connote stability.

My work is available for purchase and I happily accept commissions. 

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